The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan offers the perfect complementary therapy to the medical treatment of Cancer.

Do you (or a loved one) have cancer? Are you looking for advice, reassurance, positivity, hope or emotional support.... If that's the case please read on, because The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed just for you...


As we all know in this day and age the medical treatment of cancer is extremely well catered for with modern medicine having made huge leaps forward in the detection and treatment of cancer during the past 40 years, however the same can’t be said for the emotional trauma that follows a cancer diagnosis and the fear that's often associated with the subsequent medical treatment.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is a Therapy Program that's here to complement that medical treatment by helping cancer sufferers develop a "Positive Expectancy" and "Motivation to Mend" at every stage of their cancer journey.

Hello. My name is Gary Barker - I’m a therapist specialising in the emotional support of Cancer Sufferers and their loved ones, I’m also a product creator, trainer and public speaker.

Ultimately, I want to help people come to terms with their cancer diagnosis, to overcome the emotional trauma that follows diagnosis, medical treatment and of course the ongoing journey, because cancer is scary! I want to help sufferers and their loved ones build a positive expectancy and motivation to mend at every stage of that cancer journey and to appreciate my 3 pronged approach to fighting cancer that combines modern medicine, mindset and lifestyle choices...

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Thank you for reading and remember that although it may not feel like it now... YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!


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